Kick-off meeting

We’re working out the concept for your film during a elaborate kick-off meeting. While you explain your vision we will provide ideas for the visual interpretation.We define the key message of the film, sketch various scenarios and contents. It’s all about presenting the strengths and characteristics of your business or project. To do so, we define the key aspects.
The collected ideas will be embedded into an entertaining storyline captivating the audience and bringing across the desired information.Potential settings will be visited and we’ll explain the cinematic possibilities on location (except when shooting abroad).
To ensure a smooth process we will then define the cornerstones of the production together.

Shooting concept

Based on the collected information from the kick-off meeting and your expectations we will create a tailor-made shooting concept. Procedure, content and various scenarios will be concretised and improved in this concept. Of course, we will present the document for your approval.


The shooting concept is the basis for implementation. Often times we shoot from various positions and perspectives. This means that we will need to re-shoot scenes repeatedly.
Of course there will be plenty of space for spontaneous ideas that can improve the film.


The Studio Roux 77 team will screen the material and edit a first draft based on the shooting concept, that will neither contain special effects nor details like colour correction.
The first draft will then be presented for your revision. During this phase you will be able to address changes that we try to integrate into the production.

Sound recording

Once you’re happy with the result we proceed to sound recording. The previously aligned text will be recorded by a select (professional?) voice-over/narrator.


We will be working on the details during the final phase, the post-production. For example, we will work on colour matching and add effects. The film will be presented to you for final approval.
Once you are sure that you don’t need any further changes, we will produce versions for the various fields of usage. These include websites, social media platforms, DVDs and full-HD-play-outs. It’s up to you to choose the required versions.
These will be made available for you to download via our server and/or delivered to you by mail or courier.