Lars Pankratz – Webdesign & System AdimistrationLars Pankratz lives in Hamburg, is a Communictaion- and Webdesigner since 1998 and a Freelancer since 2008.


After working for 3 Years in the Full-Service Agency ‘fluxx.com’ in Kiel / Northern Germany, he was for 6 years employee at Listan GmbH, a producer of PC-Hardware. During this time, he was involved in the creation of the two worldwide distributed brands Revoltec and be quiet! and was responsible for their complete medial appearance.


At the moment, he mainly develops Corporate Identitys for medium-sized enterprises and works on different projects for several Advertisement- and Event-Agencys.


What is a bit special about his skills, is the fact, that he doesn’t only crate the Design of his websites, but also takes care of their whole programming.