A so called „Fish head“ from northern Germany in the middle of the swiss alps – what’s that all about? It’s the love that made Benjamin leave the port of Hamburg for the idyllic Lucerne at the Lake Lucerne.


Benjamin Roux – son of a Gambian man and a German woman – was born on February 2nd 1977 in Stade, Lower Saxony. As the third of four children he was raised by his mother in Dannenberg an der Elbe (Wendland) close to Hamburg.


In his younger days, Benjamin already discovered a great passion for technology, communication and music. He started DJ-ing as „DJ Fox“ at private parties first before playing house music in well-known clubs all around Hamburg. His winning and friendly charisma around people quickly opened him privately a rather big circle of friends and professionally a huge network.


His passion for technology and creative communication opened Benjamin doors to the media industry in Hamburg. During his voluntary service as an EB-cameraman and TV editor between 2000 and 2003, Benjamin learned the necessary craftsmanship to transform ideas into concepts and storyboards all the way to a shooting all by himself. He gained a great amount of contacts inside the media industry during his stations as an editor at „creatv“ in Cologne, as executive editor at „Stampfwerk Mediaproduktion“ and as „BILD TV Reporter“ at the „Axel Springer Verlag“ in Hamburg. Starting from 2009 he made himself a name as a freelance producer for image and advertising productions – next to his other ongoing projects at first, later full time. His contacts range from Germany to Gambia to the United States. Benjamin is able to activate reliable partners for any given project at all times.


Benjamin’s recent filmography ranges from documentaries, service documentaries and reality shows to reports and coverage of live events to advertisements and corporate videos. In his roles as creative planner, supplier of ideas, expert for camera and audio, reporter, head of production and producer Benjamin knows every trick in the book of the film industry. Whatever project he starts, he puts all his heart and ambition into it and is always happy to advise and support his clients.


The company STUDIO ROUX 77 was founded in 2014.



Artikel: Juliane R.